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LED Face Mask

"...I couldn't go to my esthetician during quarantine, but wanted to continue LED facial treatments...it healed my skin..." 

LED Face Mask - Light Therapy Mask - Acne Light TherapyLED Face Mask - Light Therapy Mask - Acne Light TherapyLED Face Mask - Light Therapy Mask - Acne Light TherapyLED Face Mask - Light Therapy Mask - Acne Light TherapyLED Face Mask - Light Therapy Mask - Acne Light TherapyLED Face Mask - Light Therapy Mask - Acne Light TherapyLED Face Mask - Light Therapy Mask - Acne Light Therapy

convenient at-home led light therapy





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LED Face Mask - 

Light Therapy Mask

Be your own facialist with this professional-grade LED face mask light therapy solution. It allows you to receive a revitalizing treatment and target skin issues, right from home. LED light enhances and accelerates your natural skin processes and is able to address bacteria deep in the layers of the skin.

After easily setting it to your personalized wavelength, all you need to do is sit back and relax your way to clearer, brighter skin. A painless treatment with targeted results? It’s your beauty-fix dream come true.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use it?

        1.            Wash face and then pat dry with a cleansing pad (Try our reusable cotton pads :p)

        2.          Connect the USB cord to a power source.

        3.          Put the UV eye shield on. (If you need it)

        4.          Place the mask on your face just like glasses.

        5.          Press and hold the power button to turn on, thenpress again to toggle through the LED light settings.

        6.          Remove mask when the face light therapyautomatically shuts off after 15 minutes.

        7.          Use your favorite moisturizer for a hydratingfinish. 

What are the different colors for?

       Red Light (630-635nm): Addresses anti-aging issues like fine lines, wrinkles, and elasticity.

       Orange Light (590-600nm): Promotes a brighter, fresher complexion.

       Blue Light (465-470nm): Helps treat conditions such as acne and other skin irritations.

Yes, this LED Face Mask uses infrared invisible waves. 

Red Light (630-635nm)

Orange Light (590-600nm)

Blue Light (465-470nm)

Yes, we recommend to applying serum/toner and applying lotion/cream immediately after the treatment.

Please note that, if you apply a thick product during the treatment, the lights may not effectively deeply penetrate your skin.

So use all your favorite creams  after!

Yes, customers have reported anti-aging effects and a visible reduction in wrinkles.
Light therapy works by helping your own body produce more proteins to that revitalize your skin and restore bounce and firmness.
For the best results, utilize the Red Light everyday for 2-3 weeks.

Is it safe for my eyes? Does it come with eye protection?

Yes. This mask is certified by CE & RoHS. It has been tested absolutely safe for your eyes.
While it's safe to use the mask without a UV eye shield, we've included one in the box for whose have sensitive eyes.
If you'd like to block the LED light from your eyes, feel free to wear it under the mask and enjoy a relaxing at-home light therapy.
*We highly recommend first time users to where the eye shield the first few times and decided to keep or remove the UV eye shield later.*

No. Although we adore freckles, this device won't give you any. 

How to clean the device?

1.     Unplug the device from the power source.

2.    Disinfect and clean the mask with a soft cloth and 70% rubbing alcohol after each use.

3.    Wipe off any excess moisture, as these electrical components do not mix well with liquid.

4.    Finally, store the mask in a cool and dry place (we recommend storing it in it's box).

How soon can I see improvements in my skin?

Customers have seen improvements to skin tone and brightness,as well as pore reduction and soothing of sensitive skin in just 3 weeks.*


*Results vary due toindividual skin type and beauty products used.

Why This Face Light Therapy Mask Is Better Than the Rest

96 LED bulbs perfectly calibrated to give you the most effective and efficient skin treatment.

UV eye goggles included for optional eye protection during your LED light treatment.

Therapeutic precision through a thoughtfully designed mask to rest at a safe distance from your face while providing maximum effectiveness and eye ventilation.

Ultra-Lightweight for a comfortable experience that won't leave your face with red marks and that won't weigh you down, plug the mask into a portable phone charger and walk around.

Professional Quality at an Affordable Price! Don't be fooled by more LED bulbs or 8 different colors, those just inflate the price tag without providing any scientific benefits.

What customers say about us

"Photo is Day 1 versus day 15. I have to say this thing works. I am thrilled with the positive changes in my skin. I've tried other brands, but it's so heavy. Always left me with red marks on my eyes and cheeks. But this one is super lightweight. And I plug it into a portable battery instead of a wall. So I can still work around and do my thing. Over all, i'm super happy with the purchase"

- Jill R.

"I've studied these kinds of beauty tools for some time now and have found through research that having too many bulbs or colors is really a gimmick. I sometimes even think the orange light is unnecessary. I've been using the red light almost every night and the blue one when I feel a pimple coming. So far, I'm loving it and the pimples are gone the next day!"

- Maggie Z.

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