Some oils that we love to use with DiviniTi tools!


On to the oils! We already know how beneficial facial oils are, but they’re so amazing to use in conjunction with face roller and gua sha tools. When used together, you will create an experience for yourself that is so relaxing and beneficial. Here are five oils that I have found to be wonderful!

1. Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil

This oil has been clinically proven to reverse visible signs of aging, as well as contain antioxidants to combat environmental stressors and free radicals. Straight from the “pip” of the marula fruit, this marula oil is virtually void of any chemical or fragrance, natural or synthetic and is naturally anti-microbial and appropriate for all skin types- including the most sensitive. When I’ve used this with my face roller, my skin absolutely feels more radiant, clearer, softer and has a noticeable reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, redness and overall blotchiness 

2. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl makes wonderful products and this is no exception. Their Recovery Concentrate restores and replenishes skin during sleep. Their formula is effective at assisting the skins natural repairing process from life’s daily aggressors such as stress/sunlight/wind. This blend of essential oils includes natural lavender, evening primrose, and squalene which work in perfect unison to deliver true hydration and promote softer, smoother and brighter skin.

3. Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Active Brightening Oil

We’ve all heard of the benefits of Vitamin C for skin, but now you’ve heard of Korres Wild Rose Oil. This oil is nature’s most potent skin brightener with nine times more vitamin c than regular orange juice! It’s 94.5 percent natural and suitable for all skin types. Korres utilizes real wild rose petals, with ultra-concentrated vitamin c providing significant antioxidant action while repairing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improving skins overall tone and texture.

4. Sunday Riley Luna Oil

Probably the most natural and herbal of the bunch. I am pretty sensitive with smells, so the smell of the oil was a bit strong, however when I woke up the following morning, I just couldn’t get over how brightly my skin glowed as well as just how moisturized I felt, it felt like I had just put on the oil almost! The original claim from Sunday Riley was that it would deliver more visibly youthful, luminous and even-toned skin. The Luna Oil accomplishes this through the use of trans-retinoic acid ester (retinol) complex which reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles, while visibly improving the signs of premature aging, including fine lines, uneven texture, age spots, dryness and dullness. I would definitely say it works, however you’ll have to get used to the smell for sure.

5.Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty oil

Glorious and luxurious 23-karat gold beauty oil that can be used for face, hair and body… yes it actually has gold flakes in it! The Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil adds instant nourishment and radiance to your skin. I’m not sure who smells Tatcha products before they go on to the retail shelves, but wow the smell of this oil is just divine. After using this oil with the roller and gua sha, I really feel like I’m Chinese royalty. You can also use it with your foundation to add a dewy look.