How to use Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Scrapping massage tool

First I need to go over some instructions and tips on how to use our tools! Many people are aware that rollers should follow the outward and downward approach (use the small roller for hard to reach areas like the brows, under eyes and nose), our rose quartz facial roller is no different.
    • Start by cleansing your face and putting the facial tools in the freezer, and then apply your favorite serum or moisturizer.
    • After you’ve finished applying all your products, head back over to the freezer and prepare yourself for a super chilled spa treatment.
    • Begin by rolling the rose quartz roller in a downward and outward motion, working from your forehead toward the neck. (Focus on one side of your face at a time)
    • Feel free to treat areas you feel have more pressure as much as you want such as the brows, cheek bones and jawline. (There’s a lot of pressure that builds up through the day)
    • This can take a few minutes 3-5, but don’t worry if it feels too good and you don’t want to stop (;
    • Next step, Gua Sha!


Gua sha can be a foreign experience, however there is much to be gained by the deep penetration, detoxification and shaping of one’s face!

    • Keep in mind that this is a gentle process that is focused on relaxing tissues, improving circulation and detoxifying/draining the skin of bad fluids.
    • Use light pressure with the rose quartz gua sha tool as lymph is close to the surface of the skin. (Please be gentle to your face and add a drop or two of oil if it starts to get too dry.
    • Keep the gua sha tool at a 15-degree angle to the skin, which is almost flat against the skin. This will allow for less tugging and pulling and move coverage. (Focus on one side of your face at a time).
    • Start from the center of the forehead above the eyebrow out to the temple
    • Drag across the eyebrows and under the eye outwards.
    • Sweep across your cheeks and remember to rotate the gua sha because it has different angles for different parts of your face!
    • Sweep across and under the chin and finally end with pushing everything down the neck.